Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art created by sensei Morihei Ueshiba,in 1925.

The exact translation of the term Aikido is “the way of putting your energies in harmony”.

In Aikido, as well as in any martial art, there are many fighting principles that transform themselves into self-defense techniques, with a great practicability in the everyday life.

This style has gone through many stages until it reached its adulthood.O sensei has accumulated a great deal of experience in traditional styles(ju-jutsu, aiki-jutsu), adapting and transforming simple techniques into a way of life, into a way. In order to become to study aikido correctly, you have to go through the ABCs of ju-jutsu and aiki-jutsu. Here you learn the brute type of the fighting technique, and only after that you will make the first steps on the way of harmony shown to you by O sensei. But only after a great deal of work and practice. From the art of grace(ju-jutsu) you go through the art of harmonizing your energies(aikido). It is a glorious path, hard, but with a great ending.

O sensei Morihei Ueshiba was born in 1883, in a samurai family with a rich tradition. He studies many traditional styles:SHINO RYU JU JUTSU(with Tobari Takisaburo),YAGHIU RYU(with Masakatsu Nakai),DAITO RYU AIKI JUTSU(with Sokaku Takeda). He joins the Omoto Kyo spiritual sect and he opens a dojo for the followers.During a dummy fight with a kendo instructor he anticipates all of the opponent’s moves, by having a “divine vision”, one that shows him all of the opponent’s next moves under the guise of rays of light. He will build a dojo of his own, and he is visited and congratulated by Jigoro Kano(founder of judo) for his entire activity. he becomes a popular figure when he defeats the legendary sumo fighter Tenryu. He will manage eventually to register his dojo in the Butokukai(an organization that rallied all the martial arts styles). He receives the honorary title of shijuhosho from the Emperor Hirohito. In January 1969 he held the final public demonstration. He dies on the 26th of April 1969.

Aikido will be carried on forward by sensei Morihiro Saito(1932-2002), and he will keep the legacy unaltered.

In Europe the style was brought by sensei Tadashi Abe(1920-1984). The federation of Traitional Aikido was established by sensei Daniel Brun, the one who will acknowledge the Romanian aikido movement.