Hakko Ryu

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Hakko ryu is a traditional martial arts style. Founded by Soke Yoshiji Okuyama(1901-1987), heir to a samurai family originating from the Genji clan(the Minamoto family clan). As a youth, he studies the traditional medicine and martial arts. Alongside Tokujiro Namikoshi(the founder of shiatsu) he opens a clinic. He studies Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu with Master Matsuda Hosaku and Master Takeda Sokaku, becoming an uchi deshi. He opens his first dojo in Ashikawa in 1939. On the first of June 1941 he establishes his own school called Hakko-Ryu. From 1947 the headquarters opens in the city of Omiya. The school does not allow competitions, nor practicing many styles at the same time. It is a non-violent style, that does not teach you how to attack.In Romania the style is represented by sensei Gabriel Dutchevici.