Ju Jutsu


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It is an old martial art coming from the dark and ancient background of Japan;s history. There are three main hypotheses about the style’s origin: the mythological one says that the style was created by the gods Kashima and Kadori; other one says that Chuen Yuan-pin brings the style from China during the Ming dinasty; the third one credits the buddhist monk Bodhidarma as the founder of the style, the style being brought back from China during the 5 and 6 centuries.

The style had many names throughout the centuries: kempo, yawara, taiho jutsu. The modern term dates from the time of Soburo Yoshimitsu, around the year 1100. After that many different schools of ju jutsu arise, each one specialized on individual techniques:atemi, projections,bindings, movement.During the 17nth century over 700 schools were in existence. Today only a few of the selected ones are in existence: Kito Ryu, Tenshin Ryu, Yoshin Ryu, Daito Ryu. These schools will influence the modern styles too:judo, aikido, karate,etc.

Ju jutsu comes directly from the battlefield and it is not bound by rigid forms that limit the attack response capacity.

Getting back on the field of legends, we can mention the one that recounts the exploits of Hisamori Takenouchi(a well known samurai from the 16nth century) – founder of one school. He was hurt in battle and saved by an old man called Sato. Sato taught Hisamori his fighting style. Once Hisamori got back from his seclusion, thsi fighting style will spread very fast, getting better and improving as time passed.