How do we combat stress ?

How do we combat the stress?

The Personal Trainer of the World Class gym – Raul Toma – specialized on strength training, weight loss, TRX and group training, offers an effective solution to combating stress.
The stress is an important factor that influences the daily life. Everywhere, at home, at work, in personal relationships even, in the kitchen, through the unhealthy food that you eat you can encounter the stress.

What is stress?

Stress is an adaptation syndrome that the individual makes under environmental aggressions. This set includes tension events, force, strain, constraint, demand. This term belongs to Hans Selye who defines stress as a set of the human organism in regards to the external action of causative agents: physical, chemical, biological, psychological, consisting in morph – functional changes, often endocrine.
In additions brought to the definition given by Selye, we take into account the fact that it represents a general reaction of the entire organism, with automatic neuroendocrine participation and it is triggered by the endogenous and exogenous agents
Any kind of stress appears due to the permanent adaptation of the organism to the environment that may occur on important dis-equilibriums between the environment requirements and the opportunities for real responses of a person.
The adaptation involves preserving the integrity of the body and achieving a dynamic equilibrium with the environment. The stress occurs when this equilibrium of adaptation is perturbed. The extent and apparition of psychological stress (for example) depends on the individual genetic characteristics (cognition, willfully, motivation, affective), any factor which we consider a threat, whether it is real or imaginary, raises the level of anxiety in us.

How is the stress manifesting itself ?

Our reaction is influenced by various factors, of which we can control some and others not.
Our body response to stress is called general adaptation syndrome. It is characterized by an evolution of three stages: alarm, resistance and exhaustion.

The phase of alarm is characterized by hypo – tension, tachycardia, hypothermia increased secretion of adrenal hormones (ACTH, cortisol, adrenaline).
The phase of resistance – apparently your body adjusts to the new situation, but the changes from the first phase persist.
The phase/stage of exhaustion – it occurs when the body is still under initial stress without any improvement of the situation.
The adaptation can’t be maintained and the adverse consequences appear: heart diseases, cerebral-vascular accidents, digestive diseases, migraines, various infections, anxiety states. The secretion of adrenaline increases, the blood pressure and respiratory rate increases. This leads to blood hyper-oxygenation, the hyperventilation syndrome installs, from here the panic attacks starts. The glucose and fatty acid level in the bloodstream increases in stress, it accelerates the process of atherosclerosis and develops coronary heart diseases.
The immune system is very weak. Some people can’t sleep because of stress. Other eat more, especially high calorie foods (sweets, fast-food, junk-food). Two thirds of smokers smoke more. The drinkers consume more alcohol in the same case. These are the manifestations of stress on body.

How the sport combats the stress?

The rhytmic exercises  such as aerobics, kickbox, dance, the jumping rope, running, swimming, increase the alpha wave activity in the brain, which causes relaxation compared / similar to that induced by the meditation and prayers. The exercises that require long-term focus release the mind of thoughts. This includes sports and games like tennis and table tennis, volleyball, handball, football. The martial arts consume more energy and direct aggression between certain limits, controllable by training. The team sports offer the possibility of satisfying the need for company and reduce the state of depression that can occur as a result of isolation, from work, home. The exercises reduce the muscle tension installed after many hours on a chair.
The sport stimulates the secretion of serotonin and endorfins in the brain, the blood flow, the body is better oxygenated, developing and improving immune system antibodies is favored. Also you should keep in mind other ways to combat stress, the meditation, the sauna, the music therapy, walking in the nature.

Raul Toma

Personal Trainer World – Class Romania


Source – BFRESH magazine, issue 18/2012