Race for Silhouette


When summer comes and you realize that your body will be exposed about 90% of the time can be one of panic. Or not, if you decide to prepare for the beach, with all that means it – sports, diet, detoxification treatments – now becomes your new lifestyle.

One of the most controversial discussion is about motivation – you want to be poor or you want to be healthy? If I had to respond publicly I would declare loudly “healthy.” If you look like Charlize Theron but eat fries though at any time, really, did you ever go to the gym? Close your eyes for a moment and admit it, even just for you. Good. You’ve opened them? Now here’s a long list of reasons why you should do sports and take care of your body no matter how poor you are: have a good feeling in generally, you age more slowly, you do not get sick at the heart, the skin is rejuvenated, the metabolism change and the muscle mass increases (ie you are in shape and strong enough to accompany your boyfriend on the weekends with the engine or mountain climbing), increase your resistance to viruses and bone density ( So you do not break anything if you fall hard on skis), lowers the cholesterol and the insomnia disappears … and I could go again for ages.


In each of us there is a small well hidden voyeur, so one of the largest human curiosity is … what do others do. Obviously, I tried to find out which are the most common, most hidden and obvious, most unexpected motivations of those who go to the gym. I talked to Raul Toma, professional trainer at World Class Fitness. Besides the bodybuilding and fitness, Raul is a specialist in martial arts, massage and reiki, and over time has worked with personalities from diverse fields, if we go by what they say (and in public too), his program of fitness and nutrition is intense but fun, seems to be a sure way to good health and an iron body hidden in a diva’s. So, what do the people at the gym want? “Quickness. Immediately visible effects. They want what they have accumulated in years of sedentary to disappear in a few weeks – about 99% of them hope for that. “The remaining 1% comes with unexpected stories, such as young girl preparing for the foto shoot in Playboy. About the methods of training, it seems that the classic never dies – usually those who come to the gym, they come to train with equipment known and trust. Of course, there always appear new and revolutionary training methods: one of the latest is TRX Suspension Training, which allows a wider range of movements and muscle groups simultaneously. Basically, you let in a suspended elastic bands and this train all the muscles, using their own body weight in different planes of inclination, The control is yours and you can fully and safely exercise at the intensity decided by you. Unlike traditional programs, TRX is recommended for those recovering from problems with joints or back. Another newcomer in the local landscape is Flowin training, training friction appeared in 2006 in Sweden, consisting of a functional exercise aimed at stability, mobility, strength, balance, speed and power. The principles FLOWIN are based on controlling the vertical movement, while some friction is provided by horizontal rectangular plates which slide plate-holder. Using the body as a counterweight can easily control the amount of friction and the workload.


Especially if you are a beginner, you need someone to guide you and help you work efficiently. It would be a shame not to get maximum results, be it perfect abdomen or a better tonus for the expedition on Everest you train for! Each diet and each workout is unique, because no individual is identical and a coach will build a program 100% adapted to your body and your goals. Not to mention boredom, which he successfully combats – from changing exercises every hour until you get it and keep on talking to you, it was found scientifically that your limits go up to 10% when you’re not attentive to the effort only. The really keen ones may proposes themselves a diet plan, as varied as can be, and can track every change no matter how small is it so that you feed and work as well. Some general principles there – small weights, more repeats, short breaks, if you want to lose weight, heavier weights, fewer repetitions, pauses at 1 -1.5 minutes, if you want to build, to define the muscle fiber. Glucose in the body gives, at the start of training, about 30 minutes of explosive energy, which is good to be used for body shaping exercises. After 5-10 minutes on the band or elliptical bike, you need an intense workout of 35-40 minutes with weights or machines that will attack fat deposits and build an elegant muscle form. Finally, in order to consume calories early trained in the routine and stimulate the cardiovascular system to function at its peak, 20 minutes of running or cycling are perfect.
After the first hour of training muscle soreness will occur, pain that is on some micro lesions in muscle fiber structure, which certifies that the muscle has undergone a greater effort than the average one, the survival one. And by the way, it does not go away, this is still a myth dismantled by the coach, which adds half jokingly, half seriously,
“only by movement.” That’s true, though paradoxically – if you wait to go, you get muscle fever for three days, but you can cheat it by going back to sports the day after.


As the problems of nutrition, specific to a developed society, are more serious, experts appear ready to rescue you. It’s a fashionable occupation and many, after a course sequence rapidly, say they are nutritionists. You must know that a nutritionist really talks to you much, asks you for a set of detailed analysis, writes a few pages about your life, about when, how and what you eat, how you work and how you get angry (does a complete chart of how you live your life). If one of these things not happens, then you can run as fast as you can, because anything he says to you, is not related to you, is a global pattern.

Doctor Mencicopschi who is actually bio-chemist, understands nutrition in its purest form, the biochemical processes that occurs in the human body. His approach was quite revolutionary in this field: “Nobody has explained clearly that, when holding a diet, not only the amount of calories is important. The biological quality of calories is decisive for people who want to get rid of extra pounds or maintain weight. “Thus, a food calorie is a calorie equivalent of other food in terms of metabolic effect. Some foods accelerate fat burning, while others slow down metabolism, thus hindering the weight loss. In short, with 1,000 calories in nachos gain weight, even if you do not eat anything, with pineapple you lose 1,000 calories. The central pillar the doctor builds his theory around is the quality of food, more important than calories because the body is not just a robot that works mathematically, but hides thousands of chemical processes. You need to know that hunger is the reaction of a healthy body and immediately after exercise, if you’re hungry, you eat anything. You read that right, anything. The so-called “anabolic window” is that whatever craves you when you left from sport, you satisfy them immediately. Excesses do you harm regardless of their direction, so a cake at dinner is as harmful as four hours of daily exercise – possibly on an empty stomach, to consume more fat. In the latter case, fortunately for your health, the brain has found a way to stop you from exaggerating: fainting. Maybe you did not know, but fainting is not a sign that you are fragile and refined, but … hungry. The brain feeds on glucose, and this is the first substance that is consumed when playing sports. If you have not eaten anything before, you do not have enough glucose for the first part of training. It consumes everything, then the brain eats the reserve, then the system stops. Shut down. Here goes fainting.


First, some clarifications. Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients – they are indispensable, but in certain amounts. Vitamin and mineral complex are the only form, experts say, it should be taken, because they are like a domino – they depend on each other to be assimilated. Plus it’s easy – why take a handful of pills and overload your memory with what you got and what not? A bracket here for beta-carotene supplements that are a much better choice than the solarium, which you should, at the end of spring, to put them on the front shelf. If you want the first sunbeams to find you ready, it’s time to start a diet of capsules of beta carotene (which you find in drugstores from all manufacturers of food supplements).

The difference is spectacular – any sunshine colors you much faster, in a natural shade and gradual. Beta-carotene stimulates the production of melanin in the skin tissue and prepares the skin for a gorgeous tan without burning and exaggerations. It is physically impossible to take over all the vitamins and minerals in food – you should fill the table three times a day with very different foods, not to mention their source, which you should be 100% sure of (not genetically modified, nontoxic etc.). So do not be afraid of vitamins, often they are less chemicals than some apples too green and too shiny. And when you have finished reading this article you must forget that you thought
that vitamins make you fat. What gets you fat are the not consumed foods. Vitamins only compensate a deficiency in the body, and only a healthy body is able to lose weight and help the owner to look good. So do not be surprised if, by taking vitamins, you will lose weight more easily – the circuits are better “anointed” (academically said, as the bio-chemical processes take place more smoothly), all you do is more efficient. Just as you should not surprised or scared of … hunger.


If we were speaking of transformations from the inside, we can not bypass those from outside. The painful massage became an urban legend among women concerned about their look and the only guarantee of freedom from the terror of cellulite. While your friends demonstrate you, first hand, by showing the colored marks from the latest massage sessions, experts ensure you that what happens in a professional space has nothing to do with hands or fists. It is true that the old and fibrous cellulite areas, untreated are more sensitive to pain, but by no means a quality massage will not fill up the bruises. Never. The massage designed to eliminate fat deposits is only effective when it is firm and specialized – that you masseur – and constantly – depends on you. Associated with a cream heater is more efficient – much appreciated in creams measuring in centimeters the success of your thighs. Obviously, even here depends on the person, because there are women that have water retention problems, and here extracts of grape, ivy and chestnut will be more effective. If inactivity is more of problem, indeed a better thermoactive cream fights fat deposits, substances that contain these creams (usually capsaicin derived from hot peppers, and guarana, green pepper, gingko, oil orange and cinnamon oil) strongly stimulates the circulation and open pores, so massage mobilizes fat stores more efficiently and better penetrates substances in cells. Also, electric stimulation is effective, although it is often blamed as sloth’s sport. Raul Toma makes a statement that changes slightly the problem: “A muscle fiber awakened to life at aerobic workouts with weights will respond to stimuli produced by electrodes of an electrotherapy device. Even completed training at the gym adds 15% more over the 35% muscle fiber set in motion here, but will not change anything for the muscles that are used to the television on the couch. “So, although you are probably bored to hear it, no single method works on its own alone.


To be honest, I talked to Raul about three hours, including training, but the phrase he gave to me now echoes in my mind – I wrote it on the kitchen table – is the following: ” A slice of orange has the same taste as the whole orange.” I think it best defines the role of moderation and pleasure in our daily life. To get pleasure, in one form or another, is the most powerful engine of our actions from going to the gym until going to the office, and many other motivations serve only as a screen for pleasure. I would spread unabated to take the second cake on the set, although it’s not healthy to have so much sugar in the blood, but the pleasure to be admired for my slender silhouette will cause me to restrain myself. When you desire to look good on summertime, you beat the sweet cravings immediately I realized that, although it is very important not to give up pleasure and live in contact with your own desires, they must be placed in a priority order and those harmful need to stand in line on the list.
So try to have the fridge full of vegetables and fruit, because it allows you to eat a hamburger without any regrets once a month. If you feel like dancing until 4 am on your friend’s birthday, you allow yourself to drink an extra glass, but the next day swim for an hour – you are allowed to the pool even with dark circles around your eyes. A balanced life, when you choose only a small part rather than the entire amount, actually gives you a lot of freedom. More details about a healthy lifestyle you will find at www.raul-trainer.ro


Source – BEAU MONDE magazine, issue 5/2012