Curriculum Vitae

Raul-Aurelian TOMA

For 15 years I am in the fitness industry, at the highest level, and i collaborate with IDM Club, IOR Volei Club (as a physical trainer), WorldClass Romania.

I am also a black belt practitioner with 2 dans in Hakko Ryu Ju Jutsu, professional masseur, Reiki Master, and I own a BA in History and Geography.

I am licensed in fitness and bodybuilding, TRX, RIP, Kettlebell, Bosu, SETS, FST, Bulgarian Bags, stretching PNF.

I am the coordinator of the PT and Fitness Department of Move On Romania, I am an Elite Trainer for WordClass Romania.

I am the author of manuals and training programs for Move On Romania and WorldClass Romania.

Author of the book “Knowledge is my power”.

Producer and presenter of the Radio show „Sport and Nutrition” for Radio România, a long time collaborator of many top magazines and TV stations (Prima Tv, Money Tv, Antena 1, Beau Monde, Bfresh, Ettiquette, The art of living, Plafar).

I was the teacher for over 300 fitness instructors, graduates of the fitness school, alongside the Move On Romania team.

International and national presenter for functional training, for Move On România.

During my career I worked with many VIPs: Andreea Marin, Dan Bittman, Gabriel Biris, Anca Serea, Alexandru Constantin, Catalin Dancu, Anca Badiu, Mihai Leu, Eugen Nicolaescu, Emilian Dolha, Dana Rogoz, Iulian Fota, Marius Căta-Chițiga.

Suunto Embasador in Romania, reprezentative of IDEA in Romania.