Interview with Eugen Nicolaescu

For my favorite trainer Raul Toma
The Eugen Nicolaescu Interview - Raul Toma - Personal Trainer

General questions

Raul – Personal Trainer:1. Who are you?

E.N.: An average man, a regular guy, a man who has assumed responsibilities, and who tries to take good care of them, but who also tries to take care of himself, especially in regards to his wellness, a task depending entirely on me.

Raul – Personal Trainer:2. Do you have a favorite sport?

E.N.: No, but I enjoy watching the gymnastics and ice skating competitions. I swim a couple of times per month, just for my pleasure.

Raul – Personal Trainer:3. Have you ever practiced any sport, on an organized level?

E.N.: No, I regret that, but for me now is too late, in my youth days, this aspect of human development was not too valued…

Raul – Personal Trainer:4. What do you like, individual or team sports?

E.N.: Theoretically, by principle, by intuition, I am more inclined to the team sports, who has the purpose of building friendships, but also to stimulate the competition, and that leads to progress and performance.

Raul – Personal Trainer:5. We do sport voluntarily, or because of some reason, professional sport, or just sport for fun and fitness?

E.N.: It is more likely that each person, when he or she decides to exercise, has his or her motivation, but I think that Romanians must learn to value health above all, and from here must come the decision to exercise, evidently at am amateur level. Also, the self respect, as an individual value, gains new levels, and raises the responsibility for your own well-being on a physical and psychological level.

About sport and sportsmen

Raul – Personal Trainer:6. Who are the sportsmen that you admire the most?

E.N.: Nadia Comaneci, Ivan Patzaichin. There are some others, but they have an exceptional blend between work, talent and modesty.

Raul – Personal Trainer:7. What is your opinion about the sportsmen, as a social category?

E.N.: In general, these are examples of self sacrifice in order to obtain maximum performance, but they cannot deliver this message: through sustained efforts, permanent ones, you can obtain exceptional results!

Raul – Personal Trainer:8. What are the characteristics of the Romanian sportsman?

E.N.: Unfortunately, these are not clear because of the society, but also because most of them preferred to turn their life and activity into a tabloid… but I hope they will get over this stage.

Raul – Personal Trainer:9. The top sportsmen – should they be granted more consistent prizes? Are they worthy of life pensions after their career is finished?

R.: I think that there should be bonuses, as they are practiced at the international level, because this way they are motivated to stay here and fight for their country. There are life pensions, but their amount is insignificant, evidently we need to recalculate them.

Raul – Personal Trainer:10. A Top 3 of the Great Events in Romanian Sport – for you!

R.: The Montreal Olympics, The football European Champions Finals in Barcelona in 1986, the football World Cup in Italy, 1990.

Raul – Personal Trainer:11. How do we stop the excesses of sport? (drugs, violence, robberies, etc.)

E.N.: Through lots of effective education, but there are no encouraging signs at the moment.

Raul – Personal Trainer:12. What is worse for a sportsman: smoking, alcohol, drugs, lack of education, sexual abuses?

E.N.: For the life of a sportsman, any abuse is a bad factor, as well as the ones that endanger his life or performances, but we are talking here about education.

Raul – Personal Trainer:13. Why the Romanian sport (at professional and amateur level) is at such a low level nowadays?

E.N.: Because of the lack of interest, because nothing works well here now, because being superficial and amateur is being competent now!!!

Raul – Personal Trainer:14. Do we found guilty people in among the nowadays politicians for the persent state of things in sport?

E.N.: The guilty people are everywhere, the politicians share their part of the guilt, but sport cannot have a different position in a society that hasn’t found its path yet, who doesn’t put a face value on competence and professionalism…

Raul – Personal Trainer:15. As a politician, what can you do in order to make things right in Romanian sport?

E.N.: At this moment, I can do two things: better laws when I will find the MP majority who will sustain them, and also to encourage in my public speeches the teachings of respecting the sport’s values and of the healthy life that it brings.

On nutrition

Raul – Personal Trainer:16. From your childhood: your favorite dish, made by your mother?

E.N.: Moussaka with meat

Raul – Personal Trainer:17. How do you find the traditional Romanian cuisine?

E.N.: Good, tasty, full, but very dangerous also!

Raul – Personal Trainer:18. What are your culinary habits?

E.N.: Now, after many years of mistakes, in the limits demanded by a healthy life, with much more emphasis on prevention, including the alimentary domain.

Raul – Personal Trainer:19. Nutritional supplements, or natural aliments?

E.N.: Natural aliments, knowing the negative outcomes of the unjustified consumption of nutritional supplements Haven’t tried them, nor do I feel inclined to do so.

Raul – Personal Trainer:20. What do you think about diets, in general

E.N.: That if they are kept under the advice and supervision of a doctor, they are ok, otherwise you may hurt yourself on the long run, or even on the short one.

Raul – Personal Trainer:21. How can we improve our nutrition?

E.N.: With a serious concern over our health, by reading, informing yourself and trying to achieve a alimentary balance according to your own culinary preferences.

Raul – Personal Trainer:22. What do think are the causes of the obesity of the Romanian teens and kids?

E.N.: Lack of care from the parents, school, being uninformed, not practicing any sport at all, a sedentary way of life.

Raul – Personal Trainer:23. What do you recommend to the parents to include in their kids’ education?

E.N.:Much more attention in what we call life values, alongside principles on morals and healthy life.

The end

Raul – Personal Trainer:24. You are exercising with me for over 6 months, what improvements do you feel?

E.N.: I am certain that my general shape is much better now, I have better resistance and stamina, my physical problems have improved, I feel more optimistic, I feel like a man 15 years younger than my age.

Raul – Personal Trainer:25. Do you have a message for the visitors of this web-site?

E.N.: Trust the trainer’s professionalism, because this way the long run results are better, more lasting and they are certain ones, and the benefit is higher.

Eugen Nicolaescu