Testimonial – Andrei Cepoi

Andrei Cepoi – Integrated Technology Services Manager – IBM

I have started working with Raul in the mid 2011. From the first
meeting I understood that by going alone at the gym I could have made all the efforts in the world and still miss my target as most probably I would have made all the exercises wrong. This is a very important aspect of sports, doing it with someone who really knows what he is talking about. There are no generally applicable methods of exercising and Raul knows this very well. Depending on what you want to achieve and in what period of time, he knows what you have to do.

Unfortunately, because of the time schedule I have, I could not always go to the gym on a regular basys and even so, Raul managed to take me from a 30 years old man feeling like 60 to one that feels again like in high-school. I recommend him with all my heart and if you listen and do what he tells you it is impossible not to meet your declared goals. The recommendation goes towards Raul not only as a trainer but also as I friend that he became during this period of time.