Testimonial – Stefana Musat

Dear Raul, I am writing you with great pleasure in regards to the testimonial. I can honestly sau that I consider you a complex and complete teacher – in the best way possible. I loved the way in which you taught us because you were organised and always strived to point out the essential. As a trainer, you are for user a motivational factor. But, no matter the stance you took, I for one, I personally appreciated very much the relationship that was open as well as authoritarian that you managed to create with us, the pupils. I knew that, if I had any problem or misunderstanding, I can always ask for help, which is very important, but I need also to work myslef very hard. And I will also will not forget the super cool and wise way of picturing your speeches, and you used the certificate as an learning book, I really enjoyed that. I understood, thanks to you, my teacher, that at the basis of a good practice stays a good theory, and for that I thank you! I hope I did not overextended myself with writing, and I would like to wish all the best till our next meeting!