Testimonial – Weinstein Nir

Weinstein Nir – operations manager at Radisson Blu Hotel

I was training for 2 years alone, and without any concrete results. As a busy person my time is limited and need to be effective.

Raul is the optimal trainer for me. First he is very professional and has a massive knowledge on the human body. He creates tailor-made physical programs according to the person’s needs and wants. He is very pleasant and responsible and cares a lot for his clients.

Not only does he educate me on how to train better, but he likes to push me to the limits, and prove to me that I am capable of more. Since I’m training with him almost 10 months, I not only lost weight but I gained strength and shaped myself better. I am feeling better, less tired, and more focused which in my job is essential. Most important I don’t waste useless valuable time anymore at the gym. I come, work and leave. Of course Raul has a great sense of humor which is important as well.

I recommend him!