Testimonial – Yilmaz Yildirimlar

Yilmaz Yildirimlar – general manager at Radisson Blu Hotel

When you have a busy working schedule, you might easily prioritize your daily activities in a way which doesn’t allow you to spend enough time for your health. The natural consequences might be pretty unpleasant.

And if you decide to do something against it, you should consider working with a professional trainer who can help you from day one to get better results.

I am working with Raul Aurelian exactly because of this reason already for more than 7 months. The impact is enormous. I did not only lose some unnecessary kilos but started to get stronger, which gave me better resistance in my daily activities. I started to feel more balanced, sleep deeper but wake-up easier. My concentration level has increased; I simply have a happier life.

Raul knew exactly how to handle my situation, improving my condition by stretching my physical abilities to the next level. He is a great motivator and offers you regularly different training techniques, which make the activities very interesting. If you are intending to change your life style, he might just be the right person to talk to.